Monday, 19 April 2010

Can't help smiling

YES! finally our europe tour has been finalised and the only thing left is the anticipation for it come, I'm so happy! I'm currently in the excited state, it's so hard to keep it from people how happy I am now, I even made my Nasi Lemak this way...

I think I will just keep on smiling like my nasi lemak did, can't wait to go home to sink my teeth into a proper authentic nasi lemak and everything else!

Just hoping that the Iceland's Ey......something volcano (Eyjafjallajoekull is the right name) will stop erupting soon or the wind will change direction, then my trip to go HOME will be secured =)

Recently I've resumed my work on flowers' photo collection again, continuation from last Spring. This deadly Spring, kinda disappointing because of the inconsistency of the rain and sun, flowers are not bloomed to it's prettiest and under the best nurtured way, even blossom on the trees have been late.

A week after taken this photo, the flowers have all died because of the return of the cold

A week after taken this photo, all petals have dropped to the ground because of strong wind

I was arguing (well...discussing) with someone about the name of this plant, and I was too stubborn and being denial that it is the BUTTERCUP. It's a fact, there's no point to argue and got angry about myself for not knowing the name of this little plant. In the end, I was awaken by 'you always want to be right', thanks for saying that :/

Botanical knowledge of the day: Buttercup is called bouton d'or in french.

It's almost going to the end of thesis writing, and London here I come, be wicked, am going to watch Wicked! ^_^


Diana said...

hmm, looks like i need to bring the sun back to notts. hee!

yay, wicked! you'll love it!

LaSha' Bennett said...

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